Global Resources for Industrial Projects (GRIP) assists process facilities and transfer terminals with conveying and process equipment. Our customers are involved with many different industries such as food and beverage, pet foods, recycling, renewable energy, reduction, flour milling, grain handling, mining, minerals processing, cement, pulp and paper, sawmills, engineered wood, wood pellets, plastics and wood/plastics.

Belt Scales  - basic to high accuracy, flat and troughed idler styles - for bulk materials and billets.

Conveyors - industrial and food grade belt, screw, chain, pneumatic.

Dischargers and reclaimers  - silo, dome, stockpile - transfer terminals and process applications.

Feeders  - apron, wobbler, vibratory, weigh.

Magnets - bar, cartridge, drawer, plate, wedge, drum separator, head pulley.

Metal Detectors - ferrous and non-ferrous metals for under or around conveyor, complete with conveyor, vertical gravity flow or laying on surface. Marking and rejection device options.

Railcar movers - Vertical and horizontal capstans, automated indexers.

Stainless Steel Separators - produce a clean recycled material (eg UPVC window frames, recycled plastics, etc.), or to recover valuable materials (eg stainless steel and PCBs).

Storage Silos - free flow, flow aids - dischargers, reclaimers, sweeps.

Telescopic spouts - up to 60 feet of vertical travel and 2500 TPH capacity.

Water Treatment - Package systems or custom systems -  remove iron, manganese, arsenic, radium, hydrogen sulfide, nitrate, sodium and color for municipal, government and industrial facilities.

Weigh Feeders  - Belt, LIW Loss-In-Weight, Volumetric.

We are always happy to provide equipment concepts and budgetary pricing to enable you to move forward to the next stage.

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